Great cuisine does not just happen, it is a collaboration of skilled culinary arts professionals and premium food coming together and creating great results. Proprietor/Chef John D’Amico has a great staff behind him, most of whom are Culinary School graduates or interns training for culinary degrees.

Most of our purveyors are family-owned proprietors who are experts in their field. As the seasons change we count on our purveyors to seek out the freshest items in the marketplace. If they cannot provide us with exceptional products, we find new purveyors.

The Jones Family started The Chef’s Garden sixteen years ago in Huron, Ohio and are a great source for micro-field greens, fresh herbs and English peas, baby leaf spinach, exotic lettuces, white asparagus and root vegetables. Premier Produce in Cleveland is our source for kumquats, blood oranges, Myer lemons, Key limes, Papayas, and varieties of potatoes. The Novotny Farm Market in Vermilion is our source for the local farms. Brian Novotny co-ops with fifteen small family-owned farms throughout the county.

We rely on these local farms for Ohio spring strawberries, raspberries and rhubarb. We source out west with Fresh & Wild in Vancouver, Washington for fresh exotic mushrooms such as mountain hedge hog, black trumpet, morels and yellowfoots. Mikuni Farms in Oregon, supply us with mountain berries such as wild black and red currants, gooseberries, mountain huckleberries, lingonberries and marrionberries. Further west, on the Big Island of Hawaii, Hamakua Farms supplies us with fresh hearts of palm.

Euro USA in Cleveland supplies us with artisan cheeses, olive oils, vinegars and specialty nuts. Ohio City Pasta in Cleveland is our source for freshly made pasta, The Breadsmith in Lakewood and Tri Beca Bakery in New York City provide us with artisan-made breads. Van Roy Coffee, founded in the 1920’s in Cleveland, custom roasts and blends our coffees.

Blue Ribbon Meats in Cleveland has been owned by the Radis Family for over thirty years and they supply us with Prime Meats, Maple Leaf Duck and Breckenridge Farms Lamb. For specialty meats such as foi gras, duck and game we use D’Artagnan in New York’s Hudson Valley. Briarwood Farms in Sullivan, Ohio provides us with fresh rabbit. For our seafood needs we rely on Cantanese Seafood, a terrific sources for fresh fish and shellfish throughout the USA. Kona Blue provides us with Kona Kanmpachi and other Hawaiian fish.

All of our desserts are made on premise by Chef John D’Amico. With John’s recipes, Country Parlor in North Royalton makes all of our ice creams and sorbets.

It took years to develop strong working relationships with our purveyors and fine-tune our particular specifications. All of these fine purveyors are some of the best in their respective fields and we are blessed to have them as our friends as well.


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Touché Weeklies…

Tiki Night Thursday

Featuring An Assortment of Hand-Crafted Tiki Drinks

Tiki cocktails are a ton of fun and just one part of the larger Tiki scene. It may be a little more underground than it was in its heyday of the 1940’s and 50’s, yet it’s still alive and well. What makes a great Tiki Cocktail? A few items: Rum and lots of It, Tropical Fruits & Juices, layers of flavor with spice notes.
Join us every Thursday at Touché for $10 Tiki Drinks

Martini Friday

Featuring an Assortment of Hand-Crafted Martinis

A well made Martini is the perfect start to a great weekend. Join us every Friday at Touché for a fine assortment of $10 Martinis.

Sangria Sundays

Refreshing Red, White or Rosé with fresh fruit $10

Featuring an assortment of Sangria made with your choice with Red, White or Rosé wine, fresh juice, mixed fruit and a few secret elixirs.

Chez Cigar Club

Dear Cigar Club Member,

Our annual “Smoker” will take place Monday, May 17, 2021. Please contact us if you are interested in joining. This is always a great excuse to get together with friends or business acquaintances to smoke great cigars, sip fine whiskey, dine on delicious cuisine, and discuss the upcoming sports year in Ohio.

This is a private party for Chez Cigar Club members only. If you are interested in attending this event, or becoming a member, please call us at 440-967-0630.