Dear Friend of Chez François

As we become older and wiser we reflect on our lives and try to figure why and who shaped us the way we are. Playing sports and the coaches along the way certainly helped instill a sense of discipline, but also the teachers who taught us were a big factor. An article came across our desks the other day and we suddenly remembered “Sticktoitiveness!”

Those who went to Catholic school might remember the nuns drilling “sticktoitiveness.” Nuns urged students to make sure “sticktoitiveness” went into each homework assignment—and preached the word as if it was written in the Bible. The term “sticktoitiveness” was a daily call to action for them to educate and inspire excellence and perseverance. They wanted everyone to stay the course, to not give up, and finish everything once started. The nuns were instilling a mindset to never allow the workload or obstacles to interfere with accomplishing a task. The teachings of “sticktoitiveness” empowered students to develop a relentless spirit while always staying “gritty.”

Gritty people focus on high-level pursuits but are flexible on low-level goals. Gritty people know the “Why” behind everything they do; they live life as a marathon, not a sprint. Gritty people are stubborn, not stupid, and work hard but work only with great focus and purpose. Gritty people view setbacks as comeback opportunities and avoid distractions. Gritty people never feel anxious or ashamed in the face of adversity. They look for ways to improve and grow.

Without Grit we would not have been in business for nearly 34 years!!! We thank the nuns of St. Rose and St. Lukes on the westside of Cleveland for making us gritty. We hope you join us in Celebration of your lives and the lives of loved ones.

Bon Appétit,