Dear Friend of Chez François

The most valuable contribution we can give to the world is ourself, our talents, our skills, our wisdom, and our truth. Never dim your essence to make others feel comfortable. Listen to that inner voice. Let it be louder than the noise. Comparing ourselves to others is to hijacking peace of mind. Live a life of choice. Time is free but priceless.

Youthfulness is not a time or place, but rather a state of mind and lifestyle. There is no manual for this self-discovery journey. Our experiences become stories to tell, while conversations become hearts to touch. Each day brings a blank canvas to paint invaluable growth possibilities. Wherever you are, be there fully while living a simpler life.

Most things we fear exist only in our minds. Never let your fears become more prominent than dreams. Make peace with the past and friends with your mind, and keep it open, flexible, and teachable. Each day presents a unique opportunity to be a positive difference-maker. Strive to make someone’s day special. Life is truly not about you and me. It is about those we serve and lead. Wealth is what we take from the world. Worth is what we give back. Inspire people to go beyond what they believe possible. What one does to others, we do to ourselves.

So take chances, bet on yourself, empower others, and do not wait for the perfect timing to get started. Because right now is the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be.

Bon Appétit,