Touché Summer Menu


Hors D’œuvres, (Cold)

  • Tomato & Olive Tapenade, $10
    A roasted tomato and olive tapenade drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, crostini, and olives.
  • Cheese Plate, $20
    A selection of cheeses, Pierre Robert, Brie, Point Reyes Blue, Chèvre frais herbe, Jeff’s select Gouda garnished with Membrillo, dates, Spanish almonds, and crostini.
  • Chez François Shrimp Cocktail, $25
    Shrimp cocktail served with an avocado, cucumber and red onion salad, cocktail sauce.
  • Citrus-Cured Ōra King Salmon Timbale, Crème Fraîche and Malossol Osetra caviar, $25
    House-cured Ōra king salmon timbale filled with Peekytoe crab and Cara Cara oranges garnished with crème fraîche and Malossol Osetra caviar, citrus vinaigrette.
  • Prosciutto di Parma Ham, Arugula Salad, $25
    Thin slices of Prosciutto ham, baby arugula salad flavored with herb olive oil.
  • Mishima Ranch Wagyu Tartare, Sunny Side Up Quail Egg, $25
    Classic steak tartare of Wagyu beef, seasoned with Bermuda red onions, capers, cornichons, anchovies, fine herbs, egg and spices, topped with a sunny side up quail egg, gaufrettes chips.


  • French Onion Soup, Gratinée, $12/$7 cup
    French onion soup with toasted crouton and Gruyère cheese.
  • Lobster Bisque, en Croûte, $15/$7 cup
    Rich lobster bisque seasoned with garlic, shallots, and tarragon topped with puff pastry.
  • Cream of Seasonal Morels & Wild Mushroom Soup, Duck Confit, $15/$7 cup
    A timbale of brunoise of seasonal morels and wild mushrooms seasoned with fine herbs, topped with duck confit, finished with a wild mushroom purée.

Hors D’œuvres, (Hot)

  • Artichaut à l’Alouette, $15 (split + $5)
    California Artichoke hearts, sautéed, stuffed with Alouette cheese, lightly breaded with hazelnuts and served with a Dijon honey mustard/raspberry sauce.
  • Escargots au Basilic, $15
    Snails served in the shell with a blend of sweet basil, garlic, shallots, and sweet butter.
  • Maine Lobster Raviolis, Truffle Butter Sauce, $25 (split + 5)
    Ravioli made with egg pasta stuffed with Maine lobster topped with a truffle butter sauce with broiled Scampies, garnished with shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.
  • Maine Scallop & Lobster Risotto, $25
    Seared sea scallop served with lobster risotto.
  • Crisfield Maryland Soft-Shell Crab, Basil Butter Sauce, $25
    Sautéed Maryland soft-shell crab dusted in flour with a basil butter sauce served over braised Napa Cabbage.
  • Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras, Ohio Rhubarb Chutney, $30
    Hudson Valley Foie Gras with sweet potato mousseline, topped with a warm seasonal Ohio Rhubarb chutney, accompanied with Chardonnay “Late Harvest”, Bouchaine, Carneros-Napa Valley, California, 2014
  • Flat Bread Pizza Du Jour, $15
    Seasonal flatbread du jour, Chef’s choice.
  • Frites, $8
    French fries seasoned with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and fine herbs.
  • Frites Poutine, $12
    French fries seasoned with fine herbs, topped with brown sauce, sprinkled with Roquefort cheese.


  • Chez François Seasonal Spinach Salad
    Erie county spinach salad tossed with champagne vinaigrette dressing with applewood smoked bacon, Bermuda red onions, hard-boiled eggs, and a seasonal tomato.
    $7/Grand $14
    Crumbled Roquefort Cheese or Montrachet Goat Cheese add $2

Fish Plates

  • Florida Hog Snapper Filet, Golden Delicious Apple Bénédictine Butter Sauce
    Sautéed hog Snapper from the Gulf of Mexico, lightly breaded with almond flour topped with an apple Bénédictine butter sauce.
  • Char-Grilled Ōra King Salmon Filet, Washington State Morel Mushrooms & Truffle Butter Sauce
    New Zealand king salmon filet served over braised baby bok choy topped with Morel mushrooms and truffle butter sauce.
  • Crisfield Maryland Soft-Shell Crabs, Basil Butter Sauce
    Sautéed Maryland soft-shell crabs dusted in flour with a basil butter sauce served over braised Napa cabbage. Soft-shell crabs are known for their delicate sweet flavor. They come from the Crisfield Maryland area which is on the eastern shore where the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays are located.
  • Maine Lobster Raviolis, Truffle Butter Sauce
    Raviolis made with egg pasta stuffed with Maine lobster topped with a truffle butter sauce with broiled Scampies, garnished with shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

Meat Plates

  • Chez François Herb Meatloaf, Brown Sauce
    Baked meatloaf with pork, veal, and ground chuck flavored with herbs and spices served over mousseline potatoes, topped with a rich brown sauce, seasonal vegetables.
  • Braised Ohio Proud Short Rib, Moroccan Barbeque
    Braised Ohio Proud short ribs served in Moroccan barbeque sauce, with stewed sweet potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and fried sweet potato curls.
  • Char-Grilled Filet Mignon, Morel Wild Mushroom Sauce
    Center-cut filet mignon, grilled, served over herb risotto topped with a seasonal morel wild mushroom sauce, seasonal vegetable.


  • Cherries François
    California cherries marinated in a Ruby port sauce seasoned with cinnamon, cloves, and whole star anise served over an almond cookie with French Madagascar Vanilla Bean ice cream.
  • Chocolate Mousse
    A rich Belgian chocolate mousse, topped with Chantilly cream, seasonal berries, chocolate straw, and mint.
  • Madagascar French Vanilla Bean Pecan Ball & Luxardo Cherries
    French vanilla bean ice cream with pecans topped with chocolate sauce and marinated Luxardo cherries.
  • Crème Brûlé & Fruits
    A baked egg and vanilla custard topped with caramelized sugar and seasonal berries.
  • Fruit Sorbet
    Freshly made raspberry and passion fruit sorbet served over an almond tuile.

All Desserts Priced at $12

Please be advised that raw or uncooked beef, seafood and eggs may be present in our dishes.


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Touché Weeklies…

Tiki Night Thursday

Featuring An Assortment of Hand-Crafted Tiki Drinks

Tiki cocktails are a ton of fun and just one part of the larger Tiki scene. It may be a little more underground than it was in its heyday of the 1940’s and 50’s, yet it’s still alive and well. What makes a great Tiki Cocktail? A few items: Rum and lots of It, Tropical Fruits & Juices, layers of flavor with spice notes.
Join us every Thursday at Touché for $10 Tiki Drinks

Martini Friday

Featuring an Assortment of Hand-Crafted Martinis

A well made Martini is the perfect start to a great weekend. Join us every Friday at Touché for a fine assortment of $10 Martinis.

Sangria Sundays

Refreshing Red, White or Rosé with fresh fruit $10

Featuring an assortment of Sangria made with your choice with Red, White or Rosé wine, fresh juice, mixed fruit and a few secret elixirs.

Chez Cigar Club

Dear Cigar Club Member,

Our annual “Smoker” will take place Monday, May 17, 2021. Please contact us if you are interested in joining. This is always a great excuse to get together with friends or business acquaintances to smoke great cigars, sip fine whiskey, dine on delicious cuisine, and discuss the upcoming sports year in Ohio.

This is a private party for Chez Cigar Club members only. If you are interested in attending this event, or becoming a member, please call us at 440-967-0630.