Dear Friend of Chez François

chez-francois-30th-anniversaryDear friend of Chéz François

I was going through some old files in early spring and came upon a letter written by my father to me when we opened Chez François in 1987.

When you open your own business you make the choice to take a step forward with faith. When the going gets tough, and it will get tough, don’t allow yourself to be confused by others incapable of achieving results who continue to preach quitting. Accept opportunity as a blessing, know your weaknesses and strengths. Obstacles will be present to test your courage. Your persistence and your capacity to make decisions will allow you to fight for your dreams. Where there is a dream there is hope, where there is hope there is faith. What you have in your heart needs to be bigger than all of your obstacles. Remember that every defeat accepted with wisdom will bring two victories.

Commit yourself to your business and embrace your dream. Imagine how your efforts will be rewarded when you see your family’s dreams fulfilled. See the power you have in your hands and understand the real significance of your work. Keep in mind that you’re not greater because you are praised, and you are not less when you are criticized. Say what you mean and mean what you say and whatever you are before God’s eyes that’s what you are.

Bon Appétit,