Dear Friend of Chez François

chez-francois-30th-anniversaryDear friend of Chéz François

As we finish our thirtieth “30” season in Vermilion, people often ask how we do it; just what is our secret? What are our keys to success?

First of all, to borrow a phrase from The Ford Motor Company, “Quality is Job One”. Whether is it food, wine or spirits we always look for the best quality and then look for the best purveyors/distributors to consistently deliver the quality every day- and not just some of the time but rather, all the time! This might sound easy, but it is not.

Secondly, we are never fully satisfied and know we can always do better. Satisfaction leads to complacency and complacency is a death spiral, so we never ever, take anything for granted. We are thankful for the guests who have patronized us from day one. You are the ones who got us to where we are today and we thank each of you for your continued support of our restaurant. We say “Yes” 1000 times for every “No”, in fact, we strongly dislike the word “No”, as it doesn’t fit in our vocabulary. “No” is for the gatekeepers who work against us and “Yes” is for the agents that work who work on our behalf. Pay attention to the little things because they make up the big picture. And for God’s sake or for the sake of our beloved business, we show up to work every day and take care of our guests, treating them like we would like to be treated. In other words, Hospitality.

We never ever forget the people who got us where we are today and are always thankful for your continued patronage.

We look forward to serving you in 2017. Opening day is Tuesday, March 14, 2017.