A French Winemaker Dinner

With Domaine Tempier, Domaine de Reuilly and Ermitage du Pic Saint Loup

Thursday November 13, 2014 | 6:30pm

We have the opportunity to have three winery owners from some very special properties in France make a one night appearance in Ohio.  Generally they would just stick to New York, Boston or Chicago, but I thought I would ask if they could make a stop in Ohio, and much to my delight, they said yes.  They are all part of Kermit Lynch Portfolio. Many of the wines from these producers are limited and sell out each year.

Join us as we welcome Daniel Ravier of Domaine Tempier (Bandol, Provence), Denis Jamain of Domaine de Reuilly (Reuilly,Loire Valley) and Xavier Ravaille of Ermitage du Pic Saint Loup (Pic Saint Loup, Languedoc) to Chez François.

Domaine Tempier has been owned by the Tempier family since 1834, the Domaine won its first gold medal in 1885 due to the drive and hard work of Lucie’s great-grandmother, Léonie, who had the first winery built.

Located in the heart of the Bandol appellation, Domaine Tempier’s 38 hectares are spread over several parcels facing the sea on steep, sun-drenched slopes. The vineyards are planted with the grape varietal Mourvedre and critics say there is not a better expression of this grape varietal than here in Bandol.Domaine Tempier is one of the few mid-19th-century family-run wine estates that has stayed true to its past.
 “Here we live as we always have done: according to the rhythm of the seasons, the work in the vineyards and the harvests.”

François and Jean-Marie Tempier have now handed over the reins to Daniel Ravier. An agricultural engineer from Savoie, Daniel knows the Bandol terroir inside out and carries on the Peyrauds’ work by continuing to promote Mourvedre. Driven by the same spirit of meticulousness and quest for quality as the family, Daniel runs Domaine Tempier with their support, and continues to strengthen the reputation of its wines.

When tasting the wines of Domaine de Reuilly with owner Denis Jamain, it is clear that the appellation of Reuilly, in the eastern Loire, is experiencing a renaissance, moving far beyond its former status as the “poor man’s Sancerre.” Phylloxera had ravaged the majority of the vineyards here in the late 19th century, but Camille Rousseau (Denis’ maternal grandfather) had faith in the future of Reuilly. In 1935, he planted his first vines here, in addition to farming a large oak forest on the outskirts of town. Denis shares his grandfather’s passion for the vineyards and the forest, as well as his hometown pride. Though he studied in the United States and speaks excellent English, this charismatic and friendly gentleman wanted nothing more than to return home to take over the family domaine. In 1990, Denis began adding to the family holdings. Today, he farms a total of seventeen hectares in the heart of the appellation, with eleven planted to Sauvignon Blanc.

In 1992, the Ravaille brothers (Xavier, Pierre, and Jean-Marc) joined forces to create Ermitage du Pic Saint Loup. They planted their first vineyard in what has traditionally been land dominated by sheep farming and cheese production. The Ravaille family has been in the Languedoc for over one thousand years, long enough to have known Saint Loup personally. These brothers have been on a noble quest of their own to create serious wine that expresses the complexity of their terroir.. Within the first few years, the Ravailles came to the conclusion that introducing biodynamic farming practices would allow them to make the wine they wanted. Though they have been using this methodology since 1999, as of 2012 vintage they are certified organic.

According to James E. Wilson, in his fabulous book, Terroir, the complexity and variety of soil types in the Languedoc is attributed to the geological phenomenon known as the “Languedoc-Roussillon Symphony.”  This slowly evolving collision of continents and bodies of water has perpetrated upheaval, creasing, and erosion, leaving a medley of sedimentation. Soils from the Ravaille’s higher-altitude vineyard slopes vary between the dominant marly limestone and dolomite, to red and white clay, to sand, schist, and round galets. The microclimate in Pic St. Loup is also particularly unique in this otherwise dry region. Though the summers aretypically very dry, cool nights and winter rainfall allow for long ripening of the grapes and sufficient water supply. The brothers keep their vinification as non-interventionist as possible. All of these special elements of their philosophy and methodology translate into wines with a purity of fruit, extraordinary delineation of layers, and a distinct sense of place.

Scrambled Eggs & Truffles

Scrambled Rose Acre Farms brown eggs, seasoned with truffle butter, garnished with black ”Burgundy” truffles and white truffle oil.

Bandol Rosé, Domaine Tempier, Bandol·Provence, France 2013

George’s Bank Sea Scallops, Apple & Raisen Chutney

Sea Scallops, char-grilled, served over an Ohio apple and golden raisin chutney, topped with goat cheese and peppadews, micro-field greens.

Reuilly “Blanc”, Domaine de Reuilly, Reuilly·Loire Valley, France 2013

Black Truffle Quiche, Truffle Hollandaise Sauce

A flaky tart filled with an egg custard flavored with aged Manchego cheese, black truffles and leeks, truffle hollandaise sauce.

Bandoll “Blanc”, Domaine Tempier Bandol·Provence, France, 2013
Pic Saint Loup “Blanc·Cuvee Saint Agnes”,Ermitage du Pic Saint Loup, Languedoc·France, 2013

Wild Mushroom, Truffle Butter Sauce

Mushroom ravioli made with a wild mushroom pasta, filled with autumn wild mushrooms with a truffle butter sauce and shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

Languedoc Pic Saint Loup “Rouge·Cuvée Saint Agnes”, Ermitage du Pic Saint Loup, Languedoc·France, 2012
Languedoc Pic Saint Loup “Rouge·Tour de Pierres”, Ermitage du Pic Saint Loup, Languedoc·France, 2012

Roast Tenderloin of Veal, Sauce Périgueux

Tenderloin of Wisconsin Veal, served over a delicata squash filled with white and black truffle risotto and finished with chanterelle mushrooms and a truffle reduction sauce.

Bandol “Rouge”, Domaine Tempier, Bandol·Provence, France, 2011
Bandol “La Migoua”, Domaine Tempier, Bandol·Provence, France, 2011
Bandol “La Tourtine”, Domaine Tempier, Bandol·Provence, France, 2011

St. Angel Cheese with Morello cherries

St. Angel cheese with stewed Morello cherries and almond Florentine cookie.

$100 per person Tax & Gratuity not included

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