A Tapas & Spanish Wine Tasting

with Wines from the Boutique Wine Collection

Thursday, July 26, 2012 – 6:30 pm

Join us Thursday, July 28, 2012 as we feature a “walk-around” event featuring delicious appetizers (small plates) prepared by Chef John D’Amico and his staff and a collection of highly rated Spanish wines from the Boutique Wine Collection.

The Boutique Wine Collection is an American based wine importing company. It is dedicated to fleshing out undiscovered and exceptional wines that demonstrate the highest quality available from all corners of the winemaking world. We will showcase 10 wines from all parts of Spain.

Spain has over 1.17 million hectares of vineyards making it the most widely planted country in the world however it is the 3rd producing country after Italy and France. This is due to the very low yields and wide spacing of old vines planted in the dry and infertile soils found in many Spanish regions. The country has an abundance of indigenous grape varieties with over 600 different ones.

  • N.V. Chatel, Cava Brut Reserva, Penedes
  • Valminor Albarino 2010, Rias
  • Alaia 2009 Red Blend, Castilla Y Leon
  • Alange 2010 Tempranillo, Ribera Del Guadiana
  • Alange 2009 Alvear Ensemblaje, Ribera Del Guadiana
  • Celler El Masroig 2009 Sola Fred, Monsant
  • Celler El Masroig 2007 Castell de les Pinyeres, Monsant
  • Castro Ventosa, 2007 El Castro de Valtuille Crianza, Bierzo
  • Ardevol 2009 Anjoli, Priorat
  • Burgo Viejo Crianza, 2009, Rioja
$5o per person  Tax & Gratuity included. Tax and Tip are included with this dinner!

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