The word “change” is a word that has been used in the United States in last six years quite a lot, sometimes for the good and more often for the bad.

To simply “change” something because you think your idea is better can often get you in trouble. We believe in “change” but only after carefully researching and developing new ideas that will enhance our guests experience with us.

Chef John D’Amico has created a new Chef’s Dinner format that offers choices per course a sample of this menu is here. Also we have added a new awning on our patio upstairs to provide shelter from those occasional summer showers. Finally, the last two new “changes” are listed below.

Wine List, Cocktail Menus and Craft Beer List

Our Wine List, Cocktail Menus and Craft Beer List are now presented on an iPad. We were approached this spring with an offer to feature a new software app “Tastevin” that puts our entire beverage program on an iPad. Created by a team of beverage and software experts, it opens the door to better beverage programs.

After much debate we decided to take the offer. What it really came down to was old school vs. new school. When we have these debates, our primary goal is what is best for our guests and whether it will enhance their experience with us.

Electric_Boat_Rental_CharterWe feel this program enhances our entire beverage program. It increases the accuracy of our lists and makes the entire experience more informative, which falls in line with our Mission Statement.

Electric Boat Rides

For years people have asked us if there is anyone in Vermilion who offers personal/private boat rides, and we had to tell them, unfortunately there was not.

Well thanks to the Moes Family of Vermilion now you can rent an electric boat or take a private scenic boat tour of the Vermilion Harbor. Optionally, boat rides can start and end at Chez François either before or after dinner with us. Adult beverages are allowed on board and can be purchased from Chez, as well as cold appetizers, such as cheese and fruit. These boats are cool!

No boating license is required, but if you lack experience operating a watercraft, Lake Shore can provide a Captain and guided historical tour.

Call 440-967-4221 to reserve your cruise!